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BLM Coffee Beans | Brasil



Variety   Catucaí 785-15
Processing   Natural
Crop year   2018-19

Origin   Cerrado Mineiro
Cupping score  84

Flavor  yellow fruitsdark chocolate
Fragrance/aroma  fruity | sweet | caramel
Body  fullbodied
Aftertaste sweet

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We strictly stand against white supremacy and rascism. B L M is our special limited edition, our only dark roast. If you'd like to participate in the donation, comment the BLM charity that you support & enjoy having our coffee at home, this is your chance! All funds from this edition's sales will be donated to the charity of choice. Remember, any donation, whether little or small, makes a difference! You can now donate to the organization by buying the BLM roast from our website!  #ALLLIVESMATTER

Estate: Santa Cecilia
County : Carmo do Paranaiba 
Altitude: 980 - 1120 masl

We package our coffee beans in fully compostable bags. You just need to remove the recyclable tin tie, your bag will completely decompose in your garden soil.[/product_description]